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Custom Ural paint scheme

We have finally pulled the Ural apart. She is ready to go off to the STIG for paint.  With the help of our facebook fans, we have decided on the Warbird paint scheme. Specifically the p47 Thunderbolt, JACKYs REVENGE. This is certainly a beautiful aircraft.

Whilst this plane is not technically russian, Nik and I fell in love with her from the moment we saw her. However, there is a russian link …. The P-47 Thunderbolt was the product of Russian immigrant Alexander P. de Seversky and Georgian immigrant Alexander Kartveli, who had left their homelands to escape the Bolsheviks.

This custom paint scheme will be one of our best and most detailed yet. Stay tuned as we reveal more updates for the Custom Ural Sidecar  one of our most interesting custom motorcycles to date!

Check out Destino Custom Garage website for more images and information on this Custom bike.

Custom ural outfit sidecar by destino custom garage

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